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KJB KJ-888

KJB KJ-888
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Harga : Rp 5.500.000,-
Stok : Tersedia
Model : KJ-888 (2Tb)
Merk : KJB
Rating Rata-rata : Not Rated

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KJB KJ-888 HDD 2Tb karaoke player

Some features available on KJB KJ-888 these are:

-  KJB-888 HDD 2Tb karaoke player support data storage until 2000 Gb (2 terabyte) include 26.000 over songs MTV vocal songs of different languages ( Indonesian ,english , korean,  japanese and chinese ).

- KJB KJ-888 HDD 2Tb karaoke player with screen mode support single and double screen (vga monitor / lcd touch screen) NOT INCLUDE  19 inch touch screen.

- KJB KJ-888 HDD 2Tb karaoke player features sliding and completed the draging allows you to select song (touch screen on)

- KJB KJ-888 HDD 2Tb karaoke player have the sd card slot

In the non-karaoke mode, you can play a song directly from the sd card karaoke and adding new songs to the hard disk

- operation election song / film is easy and practical

Easy and fast searching or selecting a song / movie based methods singer (singer) spell (spelling) kind (type) word count (word count) languange (language) song number (track number). 

KJB  KJ- 888 2Tb specification :

Audio characteristics

·         Output Voltage (V) 2.0 (+0.2 - 1.0)

·         Frekuesni Response 20Hz - 20kHz +3 dB

·         Signal / Noise Ratio (db)> 80

·         Dynamic range (dB)> 70 (1kHz)

·         Distortion and Noise (dB) <-60 (1kHz)

·         Channel Separation (dB)> 70 (1kHz)

Video characteristics:

·         Horizontal Definition (TV Line)> 250

·         TV system AUTO / NTSC / PAL

·         Video Out Up-P (V) 1.0 +0.2

·         Output Impedance 75 Ohm

Hard Disk:

·         Dimension 3.5 "

·         SATA interface

·         Maximum capacity <2000G

·         FAT File System 32

·         Sub Area Primary Partition


·         Maximum capacity of SD HC Card & Standard SD Card


·         Maximum capacity of USB 2.0


·         Power Voltage AC 100-250V/50-60Hz

·         Max Power Consumption 35W

·         Machine size 305mm x 430mm x 70mm

·         Net Weight (not including the hard disk ) 4.0 Kg 

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KJB KJ-888
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