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Harga : Rp 8.750.000,-
Stok : Tersedia
Model : RMA-220
Merk : JBL
Rating Rata-rata : Not Rated

Qty : Beli Go Back

JBL RMA220 in the reality offers reverb special arrangement, repeat, and delay that it is of course enable produce desired sound effect more free. Even, this peripheral also figure ins feature key control that become standard of an amplifier karaoke.

So with feature above, its user is very pampered when wish getting the vocal character with desired octave. Amplifier this felicitous beside speaker from JBL that together packed for need karaoke. Vocal that produced heard quite articulate with digital effect that is not obvious, so balmy to warble songs karaoke. Existence of special output have the shape of pre sub even also becomes separate interesting power, especially for user that want to present music feel more energetic by enhance power amplifier external, although JBL RMA 220 also have been supported by big goodly reinforcement system.


 Maximum Output: 200W + 200W

Total harmonic distortion : 1KHz, 8& , 50W 0.03%

Input sensitivity / Impedance :

MIC 6mV / 3.3K& DVD, TAPE, AUX 300mV / 47K& BGM 300mV / 47K

Output level / Impedance : PRE OUT 2.2V / 2.2K& SUB OUT 2.2V / 2.2K

REC OUT 300mV / 2.2K

MUSIC OUT 2.2V / 2.2K

Frequency response : MIC 20 – 20KHz, ± 3dB MUSIC 20 – 20KHz, ± 3dB

Key control range : Music 11 steps, ± 5 tones

 Video input jack : Level / Impedance 1Vp-p / 75

Power Supply Others : Supply voltage 220V – 240V – 50/ 60Hz

Power consumption ( RMA220) 650W

Dimension ( W x H x D) 420x138x430MM

Weight ( RMA220) 17 Kg

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